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VAWA Petitions and U Visas

VAWA petitions

If a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident relative commits domestic violence against you, you can get a green card without relying on that relative to sponsor you.  


You must be the spouse, fiance, parent or child of the person who is committing the domestic violence.  


The domestic violence may be physical or emotional or both.


VAWA petitions are not only for female victims of domestic violence.  Men can apply too. Women are just as capable of being violent as men.


VAWA petitions are also available to victims of domestic violence in same sex marriages.

U visas

The U visa opens a path to getting a green card based on being a victim of certain crimes and helping law enforcement to prosecute the person who committed the crime.  


Three years after being approved for a U visa, you get a green card.


Certain relatives of a victim of a crime can be included on a U visa application. This means they too can get a green card.


If the person who committed the crime against you was a family member, that person cannot be included on your U visa application and will never be able to get a green card through you.

We can help you

When you work with our team, you get the answers and information  you need. Expect personal service from a group of committed professionals.


If you believe you may qualify for humanitarian immigration, schedule an appointment with our attorneys to discuss your case.


Victims of crimes or domestic violence often need therapy to overcome the emotional damage they have suffered.  A report from a therapist often helps prove the emotional effects of the crime.  We encourage clients to seek therapy and offer referrals to trusted professionals.


If you are a victim of domestic violences, we never communicate with the person abusing you.  If they try to contact us, we do not respond.

Certain immigration processes are available on a humanitarian basis to help people who have been harmed.  Blackwell Law Group can help you determine if you qualify for these benefits.

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