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Name______________________________________________ ______________________M      F    Date of Birth___/___/____


1. When did you become a lawful permanent resident?        ____________


2. When does your green card expire?  ____________        _______My card does not have an expiry date


3. Did you attend your immigration interview in the US?_____  No______ Yes


4. Have you been arrested since you became a resident? ____ No (Go to Q.7)   ____ Yes (Go to Q.5)


5. Details about the criminal arrests (exclude all traffic offenses)


Crime                                                                 Date          State       What happened? e.g. not prosecuted, case dismissed,    

                                                                                                                                                  fined, length of sentence and time served, probation


__________________________________________   __________   ______   __________________________________________________


__________________________________________   __________   ______   __________________________________________________


__________________________________________   __________   ______   __________________________________________________


__________________________________________   __________   ______   __________________________________________________


__________________________________________   __________   ______   __________________________________________________


6. Did any of your arrests involve domestic violence?    _____ No    _____  Yes     ______  Unsure


7. Have you ever violated a restraining order against you?   _____ No    _____ Yes


8. Have you ever been in immigration court for any of the crimes listed above?   ____ No   ____ Yes

   If Yes,

           8a.  When were you referred to immigration court?  ______________

           8b.   What relief did you get that allowed you to continue being a lawful permanent resident?


                    ____ Cancellation of removal    ____ Adjustment of status    _______ Other    _____ Can't remember




9. Are you married?____  No____ Yes (Date of marriage________________)


                   If married, is your spouse a US citizen or lawful permanent resident?                ____  No    ____ Yes

                  If not married, do you have US citizen or lawful permanent resident partner?   ____ No    ____ Yes


10. Are either of your parents US citizens or lawful residents?          ____ No          _____ Yes


11. Children (this includes adult children too)


           11a    How many children do you have?   ______  (if None, go to Q. 12)

           11b    How many children are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents?             _______

           11c    How many U.S. citizen children are over age 21 years?                                       ______

           11d   How many lawful permanent resident children over 21 years

                     have been lawful permanent residents for at least 5 years?                               ______


12. Step-children (this includes adult step-children too)


            12a      How many step-children do you have?   ______ (if None, go to Q. 13)

            12b      How many step-children were under age 18 when you married their parent?     _____

                        12c    How many of those step-children are now lawful permanent residents

                                  for at least 5 years and over age 21?                                                                   _____

                        12d   How many of those step-children are now US citizens over age 21?             _____




Address____________________________________________________________ City_______________ State_____ ZIP__________


Phone Number ________________________________  e-mail_________________________________________________________


I understand that an attorney at Blackwell Law Group will assess my situation based on the information I have given.  I acknowledge that I am responsible for any errors or omissions that might influence the attorney's assessment.  I understand I am responsible for any negative consequences that might arise from a flawed assessment based on my errors or omissions, especially if I do not hire any immigration attorney to help me with my immigration difficulties.  An attorney at Blackwell Law Group may contact me to clarify ambiguities. I understand this assessment does not form a relationship between me and the attorney who assesses my situation.  




















This page provides a form that can be printed, completed and sent to Blackwell Law Group for a free assessment of your immigration situation so you can better understand the risks you face after January 20, 2017 and know what options you have.  Send the completed form to Blackwell Law Group via e-mail, fax or regular mail.


           e-mail: sarah.blackwell@blackwell-lawgroup.com                 fax: (414) 964-1902

          regular mail: 131 W. Layton Avenue, Suite 201, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207


You will receive your assessment by mail or e-mail.  The assessment will include an estimate of legal expenses if there is a solution to your immigration situation.  You are not obliged to retain Blackwell Law Group. The estimate is to give you some idea what legal expenses you might face.  Other attorneys may give higher or lower estimates.