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Appeals, Notices of Intent to Deny, Requests for Further Evidence


When the government denies an application, you sometimes can appeal the decision.  When you appeal a case, you either ask for the case to be re-opened to allow submission of new evidence that was not available earlier or you argue the government made a mistake.

Notice of Intent to Deny

Sometimes the government sends a letter threatening to deny an application.  The government will tell you why it intends to deny the application and give you time to respond with arguments and evidence for why the government should not deny your application.  Failure to respond means your case will get denied.

Request for further evidence

Sometimes the government sends a letter saying the evidence already submitted is insufficient to prove eligibility.  The government will tell you want additional evidence it wants.

Failure to respond means your case will get denied.

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File a motion

You also may file a motion requesting the decision be re-opened or re-considered.

Blackwell Law Group can guide you to the best course of action.

Immigration law is complex and full of details - let us handle them for you!

Sometimes, immigration cases run into difficulties. When a case runs into difficulties, there will always be strict deadlines for taking action, usually 30 days.  You must consult with an attorney as soon as you know your case is in trouble.  Delaying only makes the case more difficult and more expensive, possibly forcing you to re-file your application and incur additional government filing fees as well as even more attorney fees.

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